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The following is a list of commonly asked questions

1. How many people attend?
Previous similar events at this venue, have attracted between 30 and 60 people. We anticipate it to be a similar trend.

2. How many women attend?
As CosieVic does not insist on a gender balance, and is inclusive of all genders, we do not limit the number of any one gender attending.

3. What age range attendds?
There is a full range of ages who attend. Minimum age is 18

4. Are children allowed to attend?
No ... CosieVic events are for adults only, proof of age may be reuested if you have the fortunate situation of looking younger than 18

5. I'm not sure if I want to be totally naked?
That's OK, CosieVic is clothing optional, some people wear a T-Shirt, swimwear or a towel.

6. I've never been to a nude event before, I want to go but I'm apprehensive.
We all started somewhere, you have made the first step by coming to this website. We understand your anxiety, we encourage you to come along and see for yourself how friendly and welcoming everyone is. If you do not feel ready to remove some or all of your clothes, that's OK.

7. Do I need to book?
Although bookings are not required but RSVP is preferred via our meetup group for logistics purposes.

8. How do does the massage exchange process work?
Massages are not organised by CosieVic. There are usually people who wait around the massage area who are wanting to be involved with a massage, just ask them. Massages are usually by exchange. i.e. it is polite for the person receiving a massage to give a massage in return.

9. Do I need to be qualified to give massages?
No, there are some people with little or no experience, and some are highly trained or skilled. Ask before you start. Don't be shy, everyone learns by experience. If you are obviously doing something wrong, people will give pointers, to help you.

10. Do I need to bring my own massage oil?
No, you do not need to bring your own massage oil, we do provide a water dispersible (Easy Wash) unscented oil. (Allergy Warning - may contain tree nuts)
You are welcome to bring your own oil if you wish.

11. What do I do if I get sexually aroused?
It's only natural for some people to become aroused. If you do become visibly aroused, you can cover yourself with a towel. Note: Sexual activity is not appropriate behaviour.

12. What is considered inappropriate behaviour?
Anything that is unsociable and or unsolicited . The intentional massaging of genitals. Anything that is unlawful. Also refer to the Code Of Behaviour page.

13. How do I pay to attend
Payment of $20.00 needed to attend the event, which is payable by cash, card or PayID on arrival. Please contact us by email if you'd like to pay in advance.